“Habituate yourself to walk very far.”

Thomas Jefferson.


Here’s how my weekly mileage looks in my first 8 weeks of marathon training:

Week 1 (ending 10/18) – Scheduled: 23 / Actual: 22.5

Week 2 (10/25) – 21 / 21.7

Week 3 (11/1)  – 21 / 19.1

Week 4 (11/8)  – 26 / 25.8

Week 5 (11/15  – 30 / 28.8

Week 6 (11/22)  – 26 / 21.6

Week 7 (11/29)  – 30 / 30.1

Week 8 (12/6 – current week)  – Scheduled: 33

My training schedule is a malleable thing that I’m adjusting as I learn about how I’m feeling week to week. And this week, week 8, just shy of halfway through this beast – all week I’ve been effing TIRED. I can’t get enough sleep (even though I’m hitting 8-10 hours solid nightly), have low energy during the day, and then feel a bit restless in the evening. Seems a little early on experience such fatigue (I’m not calling it burnout yet) and so I’m a little concerned.

My body feels okay, and so at the moment my primary suspect is nutrition and hydration. I’m pretty certain I’m not getting in enough quality calories, and so I’m returning to the tedious task of tracking all my food for a week or so. According to my research and calculations, I should be consuming between 1850-2100 calories daily. And this means QUALITY calories – not 1200 calories of real food and 600 calories of beer and doughnuts. That said I don’t do marathon training without some treats.


But by honoring the commitment to avoid filling in the gaps with said goodies, I’ve actually found getting in 2000-ish calories to require a lot of focus. As a pescatarian, most of my staple foods are relatively healthy and nutrient dense. Sometimes it feels like I have to eat a lot of food to meet the demand. AND if I’m consciously drinking a ton of fluids, I feel even more satiated throughout the day and less inclined to snacky snacks.

That said I don’t think that I’m necessarily overthinking it. It’s just requires a different routine. Here’s my overall strategy:

• Eat a bigger breakfast (from my usual 200-ish calories to 350-400 calories)

• Every meal contains a good ratio of macros – carbs, protein, healthy fat

• Obscene amounts of fruits and vegetables

I’m hoping that this cures my weird running hangover.


Have you experienced fatigue in training? Do you change your diet while building mileage for a race?



“Instead of telling the world what you’re eating for breakfast, you can use social networking to do something that’s meaningful.”

Edward Norton. Sorry dude.

Nutrition is hard y’all. Among my weaknesses are cookies, cheese, french baguettes, beer and bourbon (and gin and wine). And I think that I love pizza only slightly less than I love my own flesh and blood, Darwin.

Lighten up, Darwin — I’m just kidding!

Lighten up, Darwin — I’m just kidding!

But one of the things I’ve got going for me is that I like to eat a healthy breakfast just about every day. Er, minus the Himalayan-sized amount of french toast I was served at brunch this weekend.

Really, this was an obscene anomaly.

Really, this was an obscene anomaly.

Normally I have 4 rotating breakfast options and I wake up actually looking forward to making and eating them. Like many folks I was a breakfast refuser for so long, but since getting into the habit a few years back I find it’s not only the full belly that I enjoy, but also the ritual of just sitting down in the morning at the table and spacing out a bit before the day starts.

Breakfast Taco


These corn tortillas by La Tortilla Factory are worth waking up for. Add a scrambled egg, avocado, salsa, and a generous shake of Burn Baby Burn hot sauce (aka the best hot sauce ever), fold it up and munch away.

Date Shake

I’m koo-koo crazy for dates lately, and I’m happy to have found this simple and flexible recipe from Food Doodles. This is a great basic shake with 3 ingredients — dates, almond milk, and banana — making it easy and fun to add creative extras like ground flax, chia seeds, greens, almond or vanilla extract…

Kefir, cereal, and fruits

2014-02-04 07.46.552014-02-04 07.42.48

2014-02-04 07.49.44

Probiotics! I make my own kefir, which I find has a more pleasing texture than the store-bought stuff.

On long run days I make a loaded oatmeal with peanut butter, chia and flax seeds, banana, and currants.

Toasted Ezekiel Bread Topped w/ Good Goodness.
2014-03-19 09.21.53

Almost always an avocado and hummus, and sometimes a fried or boiled egg or leftovers (like the greens above).

Do you have a breakfast repertoire or do you wing it?