“I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.”

Abraham Lincoln.

Little update on my 5 week half marathon training progress.

The good news is that at nearly halfway through (wow that went by fast…), I haven’t missed a run and I am, for the moment, uninjured. My left IT was a little grumpy on yesterday’s 9 miler but nothing a mid-way mini massage couldn’t calm down. And I even felt good enough to fast finish the final third. I’m making a concerted effort to start these Sunday runs really slow and I’m already feeling confident about the strategy. As you can see below I started the first mile too fast and spent the remaining several concentrating on reeling it in.

9 mile run splits

These few weeks have also brought to light a new discovery: with my Beats subscription lapsed, I’ve been training again without music. I could not be happier about this — I have a feeling of FREEDOM, as if my playlists had been causing a claustrophobia that I’ve only understood now that the walls of sound have crumbled. Though listening to Fleetwood Mac and Haim and Kendrick Lamar can sometimes feel like an on-the-road party, for me the distraction often leads to mental exhaustion. After months of experimentation listening to all kinds of artists and genres and carefully curated mixes, I’m back to the soundtrack of rhythmic rubber on road, whirring traffic, and sharp intakes of breath.

As for my immediate future: I’m off to break in new shoes, thank goodness! My well-worn light grey/blue Adidas Boost ESMS have been replaced with a sexy dark grey/purple upgrade. So off we go! Later: a quiet night that includes a good stretch, a good roll, and a good soak. With such a sprint in preparation for this long 13.1 mile haul, I have been foolhardy with the pre-hab.

Adidas Boost ESM

Questions! Do you run with music? Any tips for staying healthy/uninjured during an aggressive increase in mileage and/or speed?


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