Training Diary 6.8.14 — Speed Phase Week Two

Not the most productive week for running, but a bunch of fun times. On Saturday, my boyfriend surprised me with a birthday getaway to Lake Tahoe! Lots of relaxation for us, and lots of swimming for Mr. Darwin!





Anyway, my priority these 4 weeks is to get up to do my speedwork, so in that respect training was still meaningful, if truncated. Oh well.

Monday — Dynamic Flow Yoga (90 minute class).  Whenever I walk into a yoga studio and see a teacher under 25(ish), I prepare myself for a gut-buster. Still, class was delicious after the previous no-yoga week.

Tuesday — Strength and commute by bicycle (~ 8 miles)

Wednesday — 5×400 / 4 miles / 9’39” pace.  Effort-wise, the 400s seemed faster this week, although I don’t have splits to compare. I was truly exhausted after each one though, which accounts for the slower average pace, as I did more walking during the recovery intervals. 7’14″/ 6’44″/ 6’42″/ 6’52″/ 7’00”. I added a few 100 meter sprints after my initial warm up laps. All in all, I’m enjoying the early mornings at the track!

Thursday — Rest.  Had planned a 5 mile easy run to recover from the track. I even brought my run commute kit to work, but I bagged it following a late night at work. Instead, I met a friend at 20 Spot in SF and chatted the night away.

Friday — Rest.  Had planned 30 minute tempo, derailed by staying out too late the night before. Lame. 😦

Saturday — Easy run / 3 miles / 9’25” pace.  Holy heat! At 6000+ feet above sea level, my 85º run around Homewood was a beast, but not entirely terrible. I kept it short, made a leisurely (and totally necessary) pit stop for water at mile 2, and finished a bit wilted but in good spirits. So no tempo this week but does one run in the mountains count as altitude training?


Sunday — Rest.  I really considered doing 6 miles, but in the end decided to stay in bed on the morning of my mini-vacation. Miles could wait till Monday.

It pains me to say, but yoga boot camp is looking less and less likely. I’ve not completely settled against it, but 6am M-F for six weeks is a commitment. I need to determine my goals and priorities with Santa Rosa coming up in August. Need a moment of truth! What to do?


8 thoughts on “Training Diary 6.8.14 — Speed Phase Week Two

    • Thanks Jen! I think you’re right on the yoga bit. If my real priority is actually CIM, the Santa Rosa training will be a key phase for continued speedwork and base building. I do want to dig deeper into the yoga at some point, and summer seemed optimal for this, but we can’t always do everything we want now can we? This fact does make me sad. 😦

      I was surprised to read in your latest post that you’ve experienced leg pain every morning for over six months! Ouch! Hopefully the rest and cross-training will be super beneficial and you’ll come back stronger than ever! BTW Big Basin sounds just terrible, seems like you dodged a bullet…

      • Yeah, it hard not to be able to do everything, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it even more when you actually do get to spend some quality time with yoga. 🙂

        Thanks for the good wishes!

    • It was blissful! 🙂 I thought that it might be too far for just an overnight but we really milked every second and it felt a lot longer than the 28 hours that we were actually in Tahoe. Ya gotta be up for the mini road trip though – luckily I like riding in the car.

    • heat + altitude = no bueno. i took some breaks and kept it short, which i think kept me from passing out. 🙂 whenever i run in heat like this i really appreciate our temperate bay area climate!

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