“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Antoine De Saint-Exupéry.

With uncertainty about even finishing this year’s Big Sur Marathon, the race was just about all that I could focus on in the first half of 2014. Now, coming off that high, I’m starting to make plans.

Let’s begin by taking stock of last year’s ambitions.

2013 Running Goals

1 .  Finish first Marathon — completed on 10.6.13 at Portland Marathon

2.  5k PR (under 26:00) — completed on 5.13.13 at DSE Mother’s Day 5k Marina Green

3.  Break 2hr in Half Marathon — not completed. But I PRed at The Giant Race on 8.4.13 (02:00:25)

4.  Place in my age group — completed on July 4 at LCA Red White and Boom 5k

5.  Run 900 miles in 2013 — not completed, and not even close, really. 744 miles. Still, not bad. That’s roughly the distance from here to SLC.

San Francisco to SLC

As I alluded to above, earlier this year I had just two goals that would take me through to the end of spring: first, break that damn 2hr half and second (and highest priority), finish Big Sur in one piece (and smiling, ideally).

Now that both of those are happily checked off, I’ve put together what I think is a rather ambitious list for 2014.

2014 Running Goals

1.  Participate in a social running event (club run, volunteer for a race, fun run)

2.  Run a 10k (I’ve never raced one…)

3.  Break 25 minutes in 5k

4.  Break 4 hours in the Marathon

Only laziness or inattention (or injury, I guess) can keep me from completing the first two items, so these should be easy wins. But the time goals will take some real focus and training. The plan is to add specified speedwork and higher mileage (responsibly, of course) via modified Hal Higdon plans. I’ve organized my training around three key races.


See Jane Run – 5k – June 22

5k speed phase

5k speed phase


Santa Rosa Marathon – 13.1 – August 24

Half Marathon Training - building mileage/speed work

Half Marathon – Mileage building/speedwork


California International Marathon – 26.2 – December 7

CIM training. Am I crazy? Sub 4 is nuts.

CIM training. Am I crazy? Sub 4 is nuts.

Anyway, even if I don’t hit the ideal finish times (very possible), I’m hopeful that I’ll end the season a stronger and more disciplined runner. Last year, I found my heart wasn’t broken when I didn’t go sub-2 hours on the first attempt. I ran a smart race, learned a lot, and knew that the next time I’d reach my goal. And that’s exactly what happened!

For the record, non-running goals include more writing and reading, hitting the driving range a few times, and completing the 6 week yoga bootcamp at my local studio. The bootcamp is probably insane, but I’m determined to make this the most productive (and fun?) summer ever! Viva la 2014!

Next up: Bay to Breakers this Sunday. Hoping I don’t end up next to the naked brigade again this year…but whatever.


5 thoughts on ““A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

  1. Great list of goals! I haven’t run a 10K or an official 5K for that matter, but they are both on my list for 2014 🙂 That’s awesome you placed in a 5K! And 744 miles is still pretty impressive 🙂 I’m actually heading out of the city this weekend so I won’t be there for Bay to Breakers this year, but have a blast!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I like the 5k distance – like the marathon it’s a real test of mental strength but in a completely different way. Look forward to reading about your time in Santa Cruz!

  2. So you signed up for CIM… woohoo!!! 4 hours is a doable goal I think, and anyway, I like your attitude of going for the goal, but understanding that the process is what’s important even if you don’t achieve a particular finish time.

    Hope you had fun at Bay to Breakers today!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Jen! Truthfully, I haven’t “pulled the trigger” just yet…I think I’m going to take cue from you and wait until just before the next price increase. 🙂 I’m still mentally preparing myself!

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