“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”

Charles Darwin.

Happy Darwin Day! I love this quote and am glad to celebrate the life and work of this brilliant and iconic scientist today.


“…to me Charles Darwin represents much more than a discovery or a theory—he represents a way of thinking, a philosophy. His approach to life and to the world around him should be celebrated as much as his discoveries.”

~ U.S. Representative Rush Holt (NJ)

While officially unsanctioned, the American Humanist Association and Rep. Holt have put forth a resolution that would mark Feb. 12 as Darwin Day. If you’re in Massachusetts, you can learn all about evolutionary biology at this week’s Darwin Festival at Salem State University.  L.A. folks, did you complete the Darwin Scavenger Hunt? How about a screening of HBO’s “Questioning Darwin?” And of course, don’t forget to boil up a primordial soup with some help from Julia Child.

Of course, as the namesake of the best dog in the world, in our house every day is Darwin Day!


naturally selected to be gorgeous.

Learn more about Darwin Day at darwinday.org.


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