“we ate well and cheaply and drank well and cheaply and slept well and warm together and loved each other.”

Hemingway – A Moveable Feast

The pillars of this web log?   Betterment.   Simplicity.   Warmth.   Health.   Quiet.   Small Things.   Body and Mind.   Tea.   Walking Around.   Sheets of Fog.   Thoughts.   Careful Words.   Mindfulness.   Positivity.   Calm.   Nourishment.   Clean.   Breath.   Soft.   Honest.   Fearless.

How do you introduce yourself to yourselves?  Your best and your ideal and your authentic and your real self and your impulsive, automatic self?  And where does your worst self sit while the others eat and drink and cheaply and sleep warm and love each other?



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